The Lost Alliance

War is coming—no, it has already come. As the demon hordes amass before us, our alliances are thin and brittle, balanced upon the edge of a knife. My mates and I have no choice but to leave the safety of our reclaimed homeland to seek further aid.

The crown weighs heavily upon my first mate, who refuses to share his burdens. He carries the weight of the world, forgetting that it is I who carry the weight of an entire species—the last female Draken.

If he had his way I wouldn’t fight. His instincts scream at him to hide me, to protect me, but it’s too late. I’ve already tasted pain—tasted death. That is not something that can be wiped away. When he made me his queen, he had no idea the power he was about to unleash. Neither did I.

And if the other creatures of this land won’t fight to save humanity—they will be next.